The Oranges Toolkit gets Results

At Camp Quality, the ORANGES program was instrumental to the
successful and sustained turnaround of the


After 18 years of operation, the wheels fell off and the organisation almost ground to a halt. Along with severe financial constraints, Camp Quality had become a place of high stress and turnover as well as low moral and energy that culminated in a severe decline in professional standards and reach of its services.

There were improvements to be made with its processes and systems, but the biggest and furthest reaching change was to happen with the mental wellness of its people. By paying attention to the wellbeing of its people and giving them the skills and tools to build resilience, create an optimistic mindset, become more focused and energised, the organisation developed a can do attitude which spring boarded it to become Australia's most innovative, recognised and trusted children's charity.

Some of the key metrics are as follows:
Avg 6.3 days per person p.a. Sick Leave
Avg 3.2 days per person p.a.
Verge of Bankruptcy Financial
Strong cash position and balance sheet
20 staff, 100's of voluteers, 100's of clients Growth and Capacity
120 staff, 2500 volunteers, 6500 clients
In danger of losing charity licence Reputation
Ranked Most Trusted Children's Charity in Australia
Zero growth in customer services Innovation
Developed/launched award winning world first cancer education App for Children
University of Southern Queensland

Case Study under development