Productive People specialises in the workplace application of the latest evidence-based research in neuroscience, positive psychology & emotional intelligence to improve business outcomes.

Beyond normal training, we provide people with tools that help them become more effective, balanced and productive, then develop habits to stay that way.

The science and practice of improving business outcomes through engaged people


  • Happy
  • Positive
  • Resilient


  • Healthy
  • Stable
  • Profitable

ORANGES is an organisational improvement program.

It works by improving the engagement, attitudes, self management, creativity and resilience of your workforce.

Applying evidence-based research

Developed over a decade, it is the practical application of neuroscience and positive psychology that changes behaviours and the overall stability, and performance of your staff, and as a result improves the performance the organisation.

The program uses research-based findings from the most highly regarded researchers such as Dr Martin Seligman, Dr Alex Linley, Prof Chris Peterson, Dr Robert Biswas-Diener, Prof Carol Dweck, Prof Barbara Fredrickson, Dr Karen Reivich, Dr Andrew Shatte and Prof Sonia Lyubomirsky.

Saves Money & Generates Income

Observable impacts in the workplace are both cost saving, such as lower absentee rates and better attention to detail, and income generating impacts such as greater creativity and problem solving.

Using Practical Tools

The participants receive around 40 practical tools that they can use at work in their personal lives to better manage situations, and better manage their responses to life's ups and downs.

Applied the very next day

People learn skills and techniques that they can put into practice the very next day, so you see tangible impacts immediately.

Remembered forever

Participants are provided with resources that fall into 3 categories to keep the learnings and application alive until they become permanent life-changing habits (see more information below).

Facilitated by Certified Experts

All of the certified ORANGES' trainers have a background or university degree in positive psychology, and have undergone the trainer certification program developed in association with Simon Rountree.


The ORANGES program includes a unique measurement tool called the ORANGES inventory that generates a score for Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, Mindfulness (Now), Energy and Strengths. And be re-taking the inventory over time, you can track improvements. For example, you measure your team's resilience, and see it change over time.

When government and private enterprise employees are asked
on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend this course to someone else?

The ORANGES toolkit program achieves a remarkable average of 9.93/10

Participant comments showing

they believe the program is:


The best course I have ever done. Thank you so much!


Fabulous program which really hit the spot with me. The content was an excellent balance of instruction and fun games which demonstrated the message very effectively. There is a lot I will draw from in future. Great work!

Actionable at work for people of all levels:

"I felt the course was well designed and relevant to both my personal and professional life. The presenter (Simon) definitely gave the impression that he personally used these tools everyday and benefited from them which was encouraging!"

"I found ORANGES to be the most professional and personally rewarding/relevant course I have ever attended. It was personal and emotionally challenging, rather than solely being about work, e.g. managing difficult clients/communication etc... however is still so relevant to our day-to-day work, e.g. coping/emotions/attitude etc. I would definitely recommend ORANGES to colleagues, senior managers and Executives alike."

"This was a very valuable course for me, I feel higher management need to attend this sort of course as well as the staff."


On average, people say they spend approximately 80% of their time at work completing tasks related to the skills and tools learn in ORANGES


An amazing program that improves lives

  • Training
  • Create new habits
  • Reinforcement

Developed over a decade, with continuous updates based on the most rigorous and extensive academic research from the world's leading universities (such as Harvard, Stanford, Pennsylvania, Melbourne, California, Oxford) and most highly regarded researchers such as Dr Martin Seligman, Dr Alex Linley, Prof Chris Peterson, Dr Robert Biswas-Diener, Prof Carol Dweck, Prof Barbara Fredrickson, Dr Karen Reivich, Dr Andrew Shatte and Prof Sonia Lyubomirsky, this unique program is designed to help people (and therefore their organisations) be more resilient, optimistic, productive, efficient and happier. Based on the science and practices of positive psychology, ORANGES provides individuals, teams and whole businesses with the skills and tools to create greater optimal functioning people and organisations.

Improved performance? Keep it up!

The ORANGES program is practical and the tools provided change how people think, approach issues, and manage their own responses, behaviours and performance in all aspects of their life.

It's vital we keep the changes and new mindsets alive until they become habits, and see the improved performance become the normal. So we have to put together a range of resources, that accommodate all learning styles, and continue to use the most up-to-date, rigorous research to help people develop lifelong habits.

Reinforcement in 4 categories:

1. Free resit and 1/2 price coaching
Have the experience again - at no cost to your company

There's nothing like having the experience again, so anyone who has attended a class - inhouse or public can re-take the course for free on a PD Training public class (subject to availability for 12 months).

½ price follow up coaching session within 90-days

If organisations book a follow up coaching session for people who have already attended ORANGES within 90-days of the original course it will be provided ½ price.

2. Physical resources

Constant visual cues in people's physical environment

Work Book

Provides evidence based strategies linked and referenced to research as well as an interpretation on their score for each workshop i.e. Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, etc. The workbook also provides practical tips and tools to support the participant, improving their score in that particular area i.e. how to increase their level of resilience, etc.

Story Book

This short story book provides the reader with an insight into the program and its benefits.

Desktop Planner

Which is designed to indoctrinate thinking, develop habits, and is the perfect tool to be used for weekly check-ins to permanently change mindsets – 'in the last week I used'...

Monthly memory Jogger Emails

Monthly concise reminders about key concepts from the workshops.

Lego Figurine

Through a challenging activity participants are required to build a Lego character. Challenging elements of the activity are designed to build resilience. The research shows that through the stimulus of participating in the activity, you will be creating a new neural pathway in your brain to build your resilience and that by looking at this piece on a regular basis, you will reinforce those stimuli.

3. App accessed resources
ORANGES inventory

Participants complete their ORANGES inventory online, and can download or review the report any time. They can re-take their inventory any time to see their improvement in different scores.

Work Book (also provided hard copy)

Provides evidence based strategies linked and referenced to research as well as an interpretation on their score for each workshop i.e. Optimism, Resilience, Attitude etc. The workbook also provides practical tips and tools to support the participant improving their score in that particular area i.e. how to increase their level of resilience etc.

Supplementary Materials
  • Communication skills eLearning
  • Personal development video library
  • Memory jogger catalogue

ORANGES is an experiential workshop, that provides tools and strategies that people use to improve their own mental wellbeing, performance in work and broader life.

4. Tools designed for Application

(these are available for review inside the ORGMENTA App)

  • The 3/P's tool: Participants learn how to use this tool to view challenges and adversities from three crucial perspectives. The tool allows the participant to create and build more optimistic thinking rather than pessimistic thinking.
  • ABCDE tool: Participants learn how to change a negative belief through disputing and distracting techniques.
  • Breathing Triangle: Participants learn techniques to stop frustration, anger and rage in it's tracks.
  • 4/A's tool: Through this tool, participants learn the strategies of emotional management and resilience.
  • Coping Strategies tool: Participants learn how to create sustainable, productive and proactive strategies to build their resilience.
  • Values: Participants identify their personal values and create strategies to implement these on a daily basis. Living values is strongly linked to building resilience.
  • Growth vs Fixed Mindsets tool: Participants learn how to create a growth mindset which looks for continuous improvement rather than limiting their opportunities and avoiding challenges.
  • Happiness Pie tool: Participants gain an understanding behind the research on what makes us happy and how we can actually control a large part of our day to day happiness.
  • Complete the Circle: CVS to BVS and the 3S's are all tools that provide participants with the strategies to create a can do attitude and look for possibilities in life.
  • Lunar Module activity: In this activity, groups have to design and build a lunar module which will carry inside it a raw egg. Once built the lunar module will be dropped from a height and is deemed to have landed safely if the egg doesn't crack. Each team are given a limited number of materials and time in which to build their module. This activity creates team work, communication, engagement and requires participants to put into practice some of the tools they have learnt to think optimistically, create the right attitude, build their resilience, etc.
NOW (Mindfulness)
  • Mindfulness tool: Participants learn mindfulness techniques to gain greater control and focus in their life.
  • Gratitude tools: Participants are provided with a number of tools that build individual and team engagement.
  • Energy tools: Participants are provided with a number of tools to either maintain energy levels for greater productivity or quickly increase flagging energy levels. Participants also learn about the importance of fun and laughter in the workplace and how it's linked to engagement.
  • Strength based tools: Participants identify their personal strengths and learn how these are a core predictor to workplace engagement and business outcomes. By utilising their strengths, individuals and teams achieve greater communications and are more goal-oriented.