Learn about your Mindset for Free

Would you like to know key current Resilience, Optimism levels or other scores?
You can right now by taking the ORANGES inventory.


You can find your current score/set point in the following:

  • Optimism (are you optimistic and solution oriented, or do you see problems and barriers?)
  • Resilience (one of the most popular scores to find)
  • Attitude (do you generally maintain a positive attitude and positively impact those around you?)
  • Now (are you in the present, and have good focus and attention to detail?)
  • Gratitude (are you grateful for the good things, and the people around you?)
  • Energy (do you control your emotions, or do they control you?)
  • Strengths (are you aware of your own strengths and play to them? Can you do the same for others?)