Measure your Productive People Advantage

Growth in

ReAch = Growth in Effectiveness

The size of a person’s ReAch Zone is a statistically reliable representation of people's current comfort levels in each of the capabilities tageted by the PPA Program:

  • Communicate Effectively - ReAch:360, LDP with ReAch and Engage:360 monitor the development of this capability specifically with The specific Leadership activities measured by the ReAch Zone are: Assimilating Team Members, Building Rapport, Gaining Consensus, Rallying others around a cause, Easing Tensions and Mentoring., ' Actively Listen then communicate effectively and considerately.
  • Display Courage – Specifically measured in the Leadership Interactions: Adapting Structures, gaining Consensus, Managing transitions, Establishing Expectations, Appraising Performance, Enforcing Rules.
  • Manage Disruption and Change – Specifically measured in the Leadership Interactions: Assimilating Team Members, Building Rapport, Gaining Consensus, Rallying others around a cause, Easing Tensions and Mentoring., ' Actively Listen then communicate effectively and considerately.
  • Decision Making – Making high quality and timely decisions to move forward.
  • Increased Collaboration – Building partnerships through open, honest and adaptable communication, value other people's contribution.
  • Influence and Negotiation – Align and unite people in a single direction, resolve issues and conflicts.
  • Outcome Orientation – Deliver positive results through efficient allocation of resources, and a commitment to quality outcomes.
  • Engagement and performance – In individual, team and organisational outcomes through motivational psychology
  • Resiliency – Building and maintaining resiliency to rebound from setbacks and push through difficult situations. Be equipped to embrace change.
  • Self-Development – Demonstrate a commitment to learning, with recognition of strengths to build on, and development gaps - an enthusiasm to grow.
  • Innovation and Creativity – Develop an inquisitive and outcome oriented mindset and strategies for iterative development
  • Value Diversity – Recognise the increased value that diverse backgrounds, experiences and personality types bring to the team.
  • Customer Focus - Provide customer centric service that builds relationships internally and externally.
  • Engage and Develop People - Develop high performance teams with engaged motivated team members with ongoing capability development.
  • Solve Problems - Approach situations with a curious mindset, apply tools and approaches that lead to innovative solutions.



Meta-analysis of data collected from on-the-job performance, rating by peers, managers and direct reports in 360's together with self-ratings in psychometric assessments and 360's, consistently demonstrate the correlation between ReAch Zone and the competencies and behaviours listed above.

The good news, is that through targeted professional development we can successfully grow a person’s ReAch Zone.

Using ReAch Zone we can now measure growth in key behavioural and leadership competencies that are directly linked to work performance, and with the direct correlation between growth in ReAch Zone and targeted development we can isolate impacts from training more directly than ever before.


Measures of workplace impact

For organisations that want to track workplace impacts on additional levels, we can easily integrate other survey tools that use the same systems and language including the following:

Ask team members the 3 key questions:

  • Would you recommend this team to your friends
  • Do you feel valued here
  • Do you feel motiviated to help the team and our clients. Track your score changes over time, see improvements correlate with increased ReAch Zone as a consequence of targeted professional development

When you want to accelerate self-awareness by helping people learn about their strengths and blind spots, 360's can be one of the most powerful and effective tools.

When you’re ready for the layer beyond NPS, 360's are the next step. 360's we provide use the same language, competency clusters, and the self-rating will already be completed as part of the PPA training.

To view the granular details and feedback overall engagement improvements from the organisation at large, there is no better way than taking an engagement index of the whole team.

If provided by us it talks the same language, is automated, and is easily customizable.

At the conclusion of each training session, your people will be asked to create a simple action plan inside the Orgmenta app, and to nominate an accountability buddy to help keep them focussed on implementation.

You can view the action plans they enter all in one spot, so you can see what people are accountable to change as a consequence of the training.

Using industry best-practice known as Kickpatrick’s Level 4 ROI Methodology, the system will provide you with a forecasted ROI from the training.

Our consultants can help isolate specific measurable metrics you would like to target using this training, and will benchmark prior and track changes over time to help you isolate and report on actual outcomes from training

Train, Grow, Measure, Report

Delivering on the imperative to future proof, measure intangibles and demonstrate impacts all while improving people’s lives and productivity is achieved most reliably, effectively and simply using the Productive People Advantage Program and the embedded tools and resources.