Developing Organisational Capability by providing tools to achieve and sustain a more productive, innovative and proactive workforce.


In collaboration with our clients, trainers, participants across the globe and our research & development partners (The OrgDev Institute and Leading Dimensions Consulting), PD Training has developed Productive People Advantage (PPA), designed for the needs of today to prepare your people and organisation to have a sustainable advantage tomorrow.
PD Training's new signature series program - Productive People Advantage Part 1, 2 and 3 brings together the best activity-based learning, incorporates practical workplace tools, and leverages the latest research in neuroscience, psychometric profiling and emotional intelligence in new ways to develop and measure previously elusive to target or measure capabilities.

PD Training has a unique perspective as we develop our own signature series curriculum because we deliver professional development programs in ~200 different topics in 16 areas of specialty for organisations of all sizes right around the world.

Our obsession with helping people means that we monitor feedback and suggestions from every course, analysing input from participants, their L&D teams and our trainers from audiences spanning every industry from countries across the globe.

Using 1000’s of data points from 100’s of courses run across 7 countries, facilitated by 100’s of different trainers we identified the evidence-based material (content, activities and tools) that consistently receive the best feedback, adoption rates and impacts.

Then through meta-analysis of behaviours, attributes and surveys of workplace performance and psychometrics in a multi-year study with over 40,000 data points we developed statistically reliable new ways to monitor personal growth and predict corresponding improvement in workplace performance.

The 5 part program successfully builds capability in the following critical skills of today and tomorrow (skills that will have a measured effect on your organisation)

Mapped to Organisational Capabilities

Soft Skills have traditionally been developed by specialists in a certain area of expertise the produced as programs sharing best practice based around a particular area of interest such as Emotional Intelligence, or Conflict Resolution.

We flipped the process on its head and partnered with The OrgDev Institute to ask progressive organisations and government departments what their gaps were, and developed the program to meet their development AND reporting aspirations.

This 5x-part program successfully builds capability in the following critical skills of today and tomorrow:









A fresh wholistic approach to professional development.

Programs have previously been developed based on ‘teach them about’ a topic, then work backwards and map the content to competency frameworks (behaviours and characteristics) that organisations are seeking.

The Product People Advantage has taken a fresh approach – we asked “if these are the behaviours and competencies that organisations seek, what do our participants, L&D specialists and facilitators across the world are the most impactful ways of targeting exactly those?”

To change culture and performance you need to create a purposeful, outcome orientation, then provide the tools and techniques to deliver on the positive intent. This program is designed to change behaviour and increase productivity at work – not just teach people about a topic.

Combining practical tools and self-management to achieve greater productivity

The PPA program has been developed by looking at the competencies organisations are targeting, and then creating a learning experience based on our best practice balance of 80% activity and 20% theory.

The magic is that we were able to take the highest rated activities and most applied models from courses we run worldwide across many disciplines and analysing feedback from 1000’s of people.

This is an activity rich program packed with the tools and activities that people worldwide rave about, connect with, and adopt.

Our research partners (ODi and Leading Dimensions Consulting) helped us ensure we are building a program suitable for today and gives people the resources they need for the workplaces of tomorrow – welcome to the Productive People Advantage.