Part 4

Taking Productivity to the Next Level

Module 1: Learn to Focus for Productivity and Quality

  • Should we Strive to be a Multi-Tasker?
  • Mindfulness – enabling focus in the moment
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • The Role of Management in Mindfulness
  • Module 5: Reflection

Module 2: Getting in Flow

  • When Productivity and Happiness Meet
  • How Managers Can Encourage Flow
  • Module 6: Reflection

Module 3: Time Choices

  • Priorities
  • Procrastination
  • Why We Procrastinate
  • Routines and Productivity
  • Module 7: Reflection

Module 4: Reflections

  • Create an Action Plan
  • Accountability = Action

Capability Development:

Productive People Advantage Part 2, Session 2 will provide practical skills and techniques to help people improve their workplace performance in the following areas:
  • Engagement and performance
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Engagement and performance
  • Solve Problems
  • Engage and Develop People

Measurement of Capability Development

The PPA program integrates transparency to capability development and growth for:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organisation as a whole

The investment in development can be measured and directly linked to the outcomes.

  • Measurement of Individual Capability Development and Growth is achieved by using the LDP 2.0 Personal Style Profile with ReAch Extensions, Communication Profile with ReAch Extension, and for people developing their Ledership Capabilities, the LDP 2.0 Leading Style Profile with ReAch Extension.

    The LDP 2.0 framework is woven into the program delivery so people are open to the strengths of their profile, and see the benefit of becoming more adaptable, so the coaching and openness to development tends to come more freely.

    Just as importantly, there is no additional arduous 'clinical diagnostic' tool required, the standard learning experience of PPA includes LDP 2.0 in a practical, simple and mind opening way so the foundations are laid for targeted development,and the ongoing personal growth which is shown visually by the growth in their ReAch Zone and can be celebrated.

  • Measuring the increase leadership development through PPA has on Teams is measured using the ReAch:360. ReAch:360 is a fresh approach to 360's that has several benefits;

    1. When a leader has completed their LDP 2.0 with ReAch extension they have already completed their 'Self Rating' of ReAch:360

    2. The ReAch:360 survey for raters in only 16 questions

    3. The ReAch:360 provides a report that is consistent with the LDP 2.0 and PPA Frameworks so the language is simple, familiar and development can be easily targeted.

  • Organisational Wide Impacts - As people across the organisation and leaders at all levels develop the key capabilities targeted by the PPA program, culture and engagement will also improve.

    There are two integrated tools for measuring the results on the culture:

    Team NPS Pulse Checks - these 3-question surveys simply ask on a scale of 1-10;
    1. Would you recommend [here] as a place to work?

    2. Do you feel appreciated as part of the [here]?

    3. Do you feel motivated to help the team and our customers achieve their goals?

      It takes people only 30 seconds and delivers tremendous insights around the effectiveness of communication and the capabilities targeted by PPA.

      Team NPS Pulse checks can be deployed in single click from within the PPA program platform.

    ENGAGEMENT : ReAch - annually or biannually, it's important to survey the entire organisation and take a check on engagement and which areas of focus will have the biggest impact on performance. The PPA program has a simple and easily deployed Engagement index tool that is short, simple and insightful called ENGAGEMENT : ReAch. This cusotmisable tool can be quickly and easily deployed from the same PPA platform and talks the same language to demonstrate the impact development has had on the organisation - and guides the next 12 month development targets around what will have the biggest impact.